Drug Crime Attorney Los Angeles

In California, a lot of effort has been made to classify the majority of drug possession crimes into misdemeanors. But even if the charge is not charged as a felony, there can be serious consequences—such as immigration, criminal convictions, and jail time.

A person can be charged with possession, possession for sale, transportation, manufacturing of an unlawful narcotic, money laundering, drug trafficking and distribution of drugs.

These drugs commonly seen with arrests are:

single pract ico Cocaine in its base form (crack)

single pract ico Marijuana

single pract ico Methamphetamine

single pract ico Heroin

single pract ico LSD

single pract ico Cocaine

single pract ico PCP

single pract icoEcstasy

single pract ico and prescription drugs without a valid prescription

An experienced defense attorney can fight these charges in a variety of ways, including fighting how the person was arrested—for instance was there an illegal search and seizure; did the suspect make incriminating statements without being mirandized.
That is why it is so important to talk to an experienced defense attorney who understand drug crimes and works with drug experts in fighting your case!