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Criminal Defense in Los Angeles

If you or someone you love is in trouble with the law, the most important first step you must take is finding an experienced criminal defense attorney. Trust, honesty and skilled effective representation is of the utmost importance to the lawyers of The Law Office of Silva Megerditchian. With over a decade of trial experience, The Law Office Of Silva L. Megerditchian does not shy away from trial. We have familiarity and close relationships with countless courts, court staff, Judges and District Attorneys throughout Southern California, but through skilled negotiation can prevent convictions and keep criminal records clean. Here, we treat all our clients as VIPs, deserving the utmost quality of representation and skilled case analysis regardless of who you are or where you come from. Honesty, trust and skill are of the utmost importance to the attorneys and staff.

At The Law Office of Silva Megerditchian, fighting for our clients is our passion. We understand what you are going through and help you get through the stress and fear of criminal prosecution through thoughtful, skilled and experienced representation. Do not let the pressure of the police or the District Attorneys confuse or scare you, you do not have to fight alone, you have the power of a skilled criminal defense firm…We fight for you!

What To Expect

Through a thorough consultation, we will analyze and formulate a case plan—what to expect, what the road ahead will look like, and will set goals in your case. The benefit of having a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney is that we have seen it all. From citations to misdemeanors, to felonies and serious strike cases, we have done it all and understand the key players and law involved in these cases.

We Are Here To Help You

We are dedicated, aggressive, honest and skilled. We respect our clients and strive for what is best for our clients. Attorney Silva Megerditchian prides herself on being approachable and knows when it comes to criminal convictions it can affect every aspect of one’s life: from employment to immigration—to losing your standing in the community. With our experience and skill, we can ensure the best result for you and spare you the fear of the unknown.

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