If you’re looking for a lawyer who will fight for you until the end, Silva is the one for you.

Silva represented me for a DUI in Orange County, and I can honestly say I would not have gotten through this process without her. She took my case on in April of 2021 and the case was resolved in December. Throughout the process, she made sure I was informed about my choices and assisted me in making the best ones for me. I texted her (maybe a little too frequently) with questions and about my fears and anxieties throughout my case, and she reassured me and answered them quickly and honestly every time. If you’re looking for a lawyer who will fight for you until the end, Silva is the one for you.

-Kelci J.

January 11, 2022  stars

Silva Megerditian is the most amazing lawyer I have ever had.

Silva Megerditian is the most amazing lawyer I have ever had. I was facing my 2nd DUI and have had a very rough past. I had to go into a treatment center and she was with me every step of the way. Contacting my case manager while I was in there so that i was updated, since I didn’t have my phone in the rehab center. It was very comforting to know that she was in my corner and she went above and beyond and reached out to me to see if there was anything she can do for me. She is graceful, knows almost everyone on both sides of the bench and really makes you family when she represents you. I would recommend Silva to everyone who wants to be represented by someone who truly, truly cares about you and will get you the best possible deal you can get. Not that I plan on getting in trouble with the law again but if I did she would be the first person I call. And she should be the first person you call too.


January 6, 2022  stars

I would recommend her to anyone!

Silva took ahold of my case and another relatives case and worked as hard as should could. I would recommend her to anyone in the need of a lawyer 100%.


April 23, 2019  stars

She is the best, hands down!

First off, understand that Silva is very meticulous and caring. I personally work in a business where I work closely with attorneys and I can genuinely say Silva actually cares for you as a client. She gathers all the details on each case and analyzes the case with a fine tooth comb to compile different strategies to win the case and get you the best offer. Thats exactly what she did for me! In my case, I can say that Silva went through all the details and strategies on how to fight my case and all the possible outcomes. She got me the absolute best possible outcome considering the details and for that I am forever grateful and thankful for her hard work. I didn’t have to do a thing until the offer was presented and through the process of it all she checked on me to see how I was doing With handling the severity of the case. So, when i say she cares for each client genuinely I truly do believe so! With Silva, you honestly can’t go wrong and I’m 100% positive if ever one of my friends were to have any problems I would recommend her. After all, I did refer a family member. She is the best, hands down!

April 23, 2019  stars

Mr. Davit Babayan

I showed up to court on 08/08/2011 for a driving whit a suspended License and Mrs. Megerditchian represented me as my public defender at first i did not want to hear about what she had to say because in my past experience’s i felt that the public defender is not really trying to help me out but just trying to lower my charges to get a conviction. I felt that i was not guilty, and as my public defender she did all that the law allowed her to do to help me win, I walked out of court as a winner thanks to Mrs. Megerditchian Thank You so much for caring for the people Thank You.

June 02, 2018  stars

Best Criminal defense ever!

Ms. Megerditchian represented me on an attempted burglary matter. Other Attorneys had been unsuccessful in defending me. However, once Ms. Megerditchian stepped into the picture, she immediately turned things around and I she was able to negotiate the charge down to an infraction. I highly recommend her–she truly is someone to be kept close to you for protection.

June 02, 2018  stars

Silva cares and will fight for her clients!!

Silva is a fierce advocate and amazing attorney. She is incredibly smart and savvy about the court system. She is a fantastic lawyer for anyone needing help or advice!

June 02, 2018  stars


Silva is passionate about her job and gives every client she encounters her undivided attention. She is committed to defending her clients’ rights and not afraid to put in the time, effort and research necessary to advocate on their behalf. Silva is a fighter but also knows when and how to work with opposing counsel to settle a case.

June 02, 2018  stars

Silva is the attorney for all walks of life !

I endorse this lawyer. Silva is a talented attorney at law who advocates for clients from all walks of life. Because she has cultivated enduring relations with prosecutors throughout the justice system, she is very successful at keeping her clients out of court and negotiating outcomes in serious cases that seemed to be insurmountable. When need be, Silva is undeterred by judges, prosecutors and criminal charges and faithfully takes on representation against all odds. Because she innately relates to the sensibilities of juries, her clients ultimately benefit from her talents in a tangible way.

June 02, 2018  stars

Was hired to represent my son

Silva Megerditchian was hired to represent my son. She was recommended by my cousin. She is very professional, intelligent, compassionate, caring and excellent lawyer. She will devote her time to fight for what was right . She is very considerate and flexible of her time and availability. We never heard her complain or make excuses. Whenever we need her she makes sure she gives us time and attention until everything is taken care of. She always makes time to call or text us to make sure we are doing fine. She does not only concentrate on being our lawyer but also our mentor and support. Our family is very thankful for knowing and hiring her. I highly recommend her to everybody who has legal problem.

June 02, 2018  stars

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have WON the Lawyer Lotto!!

When my Boyfriend found himself in a situation where he needed a lawyer immediately, my friend put me in contact with Silva.
She met with us right away, & instantly I knew we had won the lottery! We hired her ASAP!
I have never, ever met someone so thoughtful, knowledgable, kind, clear, efficient, attentive, calming, available, generous or responsive & a force to reckon with in the courtroom…& all these amazing qualities were there from the moment we met….right out of the gate!
Law & Government are not in my/our wheelhouse.
In the dictionary, wheelhouse is defined as the shelter for the person at the wheel of a boat, and as the part of the batter’s zone that is most likely to provide a home run also as a place or situation in which one is advantageously at ease.
This is how I would describe Silva.
All of the above.
She cares for you like you are a member of her family.
If you are reading this wondering if you should work with her; I/we say: Look no further, and Lucky you!

June 02, 2018  stars

It’s A Win Win With Silva! She is An Amazing Attorney

I got my first and only DUI and like most I wasn’t sure what to do. Attorney or no attorney? I inquired online through a referral service for attorneys. Silva was the very first to contact me and I inherently felt she needed to represent me. Silva was able to get charges reduced and a few dropped as well. By hiring an attorney I felt I could not afford I probably saved thousands of dollars. She truly was a Godsend!

June 02, 2018  stars

From 2 felonies to nothing

I hired Silva with limited funds to represent me as I was being lied upon from my former landlord. I was charged with two violent crime felonies, both charges carried mandatory minimums and maximum jail time sentences as well as being a two strike offender if convicted. Silva took the time to investigate my case very meticulously. We met and talked several times before each court appearance. Silva is very great with communication and being honest with you regarding the situation. We came up with a reasonable monthly payment plan that worked mutually. My case ended up being dismissed by the DA office which means they cannot refuse those same charges. Silva is aggressive and very knowledgeable regarding the law. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to stay out of jail !!!

June 02, 2018  stars

Blessed to have found her!

Silva is amazing at her craft! Very compassionate and caring yet tough in court…loved that about her! She went above and beyond. Answered all my calls and questions when I needed her. But most importantly she helped make this very stressful process much easier, that meant a lot to me.
Thank you Silva!

May 17, 2018  stars

Silva is a lifesaver!

We hired Silva to represent our son. She came highly recommended from my friend who is in the DA’s office in Los Angeles. She had gone against Silva before and felt Silva was someone we could trust. My friend was absolutely right! She has been there for our whole family at every turn and any time of day. She has done an amazing job getting the best possible outcome for our son. Because of Silva he will be able to say he made a dumb mistake when he was a kid and it won’t follow him the rest of his life. Silva is a lifesaver!

May 17, 2018  stars

I can’t recommend Silva enough!

As a worried parent, I consulted Silva when I had a situation with my son and didn’t know how to move forward. She immediately answered the phone (I had to leave messages for two other attorneys who never called me back). She spent 25 minutes advising us with such care and thoughtfulness as to the best course of action. She answered all of our questions and I trusted her implicitly.

May 17, 2018  stars

Simply the best she will fight for you till the end

I interviewed a few criminal defense attorneys before hiring Silva Megerditchian. It was an instant connection, she is kind & very professional. She made me feel at ease & always answered all my calls & questions. She never left my side in the court room , which is amazing when your facing time. I would highly recommend attorney Silva to any one out there facing criminal charges, you need her on your side. She will fight for you!

May 03, 2018  stars


Silva was a great lawyer who did the extra work and always checked up on me. She made me feel comfortable and confident that I could have a good outcome in my case.

May 03, 2018  stars

If I ever need an attorney, Silva is the one I would pick hands down!!

I interviewed at least 10 different criminal attorneys for my best friend. I can’t begin to tell you not to waste your time on others but I wish I didn’t. She was my first choice from the beginning for my friend but I didn’t want to make the decision for him so I scheduled a consultation with her while he was in Men’s Central jail. I scheduled two different attorneys for him to pick. He would have picked her for sure if he needed to hire one, but her honesty and Integrity saved him lots of money and they will forever be connected. She is one who will give you the honest truth without judgement. give her a call, she is quick to respond as well.

May 03, 2018  stars

Honestly the best Attorney!!!

I couldn’t ask for anyone better!! Silva was truly amazing!! I’m no longer a resident of CA and my situation was from a few years back and it was very complex and stressful and I didn’t know what to expect. I was really scared and nervous thinking prison time or a lot of jail time was going to be the outcome. Silva was referred to me by a friend and after meeting with her, I knew she was the one!! I thought living out of state was going to be difficult, but it wasn’t at all. She made me feel as if I were her only client, and I knew I wasn’t because she is very busy person, but when it was my time with her, I was never rushed and never felt like I didn’t have her full attention and never not once did I ever have a difficult time trying to reach her. She is straight to the point and says it like it is, very honest. After seeing Silva in action in court I was blown away. She walks in with so much confidence and one thing on her mind….a win!! And a winner I was when I walked out. Everyone in that court just stopped and listened to her – I’m telling you, I was blown away. Then while resolving this, another situation came up from when I was a minor that I had no idea was even outstanding. Silva was on it like no other, and ended up getting the case dropped!! She made this horrible, stressful, scary situation an absolute breeze!! If you’re looking for the best Attorney for your case….this is the person you want!! Thank you beyond words, Silva!! Thank you, thank you!!

May 03, 2018  stars