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As a top Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Silva Megerditchian of SLM Law provides reliable legal services to juveniles and adults facing criminal charges in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

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If You’re Facing Charges, You Need the Best Criminal Attorney Los Angeles California Has to Offer

Being charged with a crime can disrupt your life in an instant. From state misdemeanors to federal felonies, you need peace of mind that your attorney has the skills, experience, and resources to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. At SLM Law, you can find exactly that. Led by skilled trial attorney Silva L. Megerditchian, SLM Law is a Los Angeles criminal defense firm dedicated to representing juveniles and adults who are facing criminal charges for DUI, drug possession, driving offenses, theft, fraud, domestic violence, sex crimes, violent crimes, and more.

The State of California, as well as Los Angeles County, has some of the strictest laws concerning DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even for the first arrest, the driver may face jail time, penalties and fines, a suspended driver’s license, and completion of a three-month alcohol program. Driving offenses such as reckless driving or hit and run also carry jail or prison time penalties, on top of fines and increased insurance premiums. In addition, if you’ve left a scene of the accident, although someone was injured, the charge could be elevated to a felony.

When it comes to crimes involving possession of drugs, a lot of effort has been made to classify the majority of cases into misdemeanors. But, even if you are not facing criminal charges for a felony, you could be facing charges and include charges for possession for sale, manufacturing of an unlawful narcotic, and drug trafficking. Consequences can be severe and include jail time. That is why it’s essential to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Many frauds and theft crimes fall within the area between a misdemeanor and felony and can be charged as either. Whether the prosecution will charge them as misdemeanors or felonies depends on the circumstances of the crime and the defendant’s criminal history.

If you are convicted of a sex crime in Los Angeles CA, that can carry a punishment of being registered as a sex offender for the rest of your life, no matter whether you are an adult or a juvenile. It is crucial to have an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer on your side because cases involving mistaken identity or false accusations made during divorce proceedings don’t happen rarely. Being accused of a violent crime can, as well, be a frightening experience. Violent crimes, including sexual assault, battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, and other crimes, are serious criminal charges. In case a weapon is used, penalties can be quite severe and can include prison time, fines, and domestic violence or anger management classes.

If you or your child has been charged with a crime in Los Angeles County, Orange County, or the surrounding area, let us fight for your rights, freedom, and reputation. As your trusted legal advocates, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that this moment does not define your future. You do not have to fight this alone — contact SLM Law and get help now.


Our Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys Will Fight for YOU

At SLM Law, our clients are more than a case number. Our passion for justice means that we care about what we do, and we use that passion to fight for our clients’ rights as we would our own. With over 10 years of experience defending individuals who have been charged with state and federal crimes, we’ve changed lives. Let us protect yours, too.

As a top-rated California law firm serving the Los Angeles area, including San Fernando, San Bernardino, Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills CA, and beyond, we’ve made trust, honesty, and aggressive representation the cornerstone of our practice. We believe that each and every client is worthy of the best possible defense, and we use that core value to deliver positive results across a range of criminal cases, time and time again.

Los Angeles, CA, attorney Silva Megerditchian prides herself on being approachable and knows the extent to which a criminal conviction can affect every aspect of one’s life: from employment to immigration—to losing your standing in the community. With our experience, skill, and unparalleled compassion, we can ensure the best result for you and spare you the fear of the unknown as we stand by your side and advocate on your behalf each step of the way.

Together with her staff, Silva seemingly accomplishes the impossible—from outright dismissals to trial wins, she knows which strategies to take and how to negotiate in order to get the best results available to her clients. Standing among the top criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, California, we have an established reputation among clients, judges, and prosecutors as fierce advocates for justice, and this shines through in everything we do.

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Silva L. Megerditchian: The Criminal Attorney Los Angeles Trusts

SLM Law is led by Silva L. Megerditchian, a trusted trial attorney in Los Angeles with over a decade of experience in virtually all aspects of criminal law. As President and CEO of SLM Law and a former Deputy Public Defender, there’s very little Silva has not seen in the criminal defense world. With thousands of cases under her belt and an extensive track record of success in federal casework, her dedication to protecting her clients is at the core of her success. Silva stands among the top criminal defense lawyers in Southern California, applying empathy, reassurance, and compassion to every case that comes her way.

Silva’s goals are simple: to provide her clients with personal, warm representation and top-of-the-line legal defense during their darkest hours. She always makes a point to ease her clients’ fears and to offer the guidance, strategy, and resources they need to feel empowered, to get back on their feet, and to take control of their case. Her hard work, determination, and genuine passion for what she does have helped her become a powerhouse in the criminal defense world. She’s dedicated her career to elevating the voices of children and adults who have been caught up in the California criminal justice system.

How a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, law enforcement, the prosecutor, and the district attorney will be ruthless in their pursuit of a conviction. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side will make all the difference in the outcome of your case and your future. All criminal defense cases deserve an equally strong defense, but unfortunately, not all attorneys truly apply this. At SLM Law, we’re committed to elevating the dignity and empowerment of all people by providing individualized attention, respect, and an unmatched dedication to each case from start to finish.

The benefit of retaining a skilled Southern California criminal defense law firm is that we have seen it all. From citations to misdemeanors to felonies and serious strike cases, our practice areas span the entire spectrum of criminal law cases. As a top-rated law firm in Los Angeles, CA, we have a comprehensive understanding of the key players and laws involved. When you turn to our Los Angeles criminal lawyers, we’ll apply that skill and knowledge to build a detailed defense strategy in your favor. Criminal defense isn’t just what we do — it’s all we do. That’s the SLM Law difference.


Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer for a FREE Consultation

If you or a loved one has been arrested, know that you have options. No matter your circumstance, you need a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of California criminal law and will tirelessly fight for your rights. With the help of SLM Law, you can lift this insurmountable stress off your shoulders and begin working toward a better and brighter future.

Your journey to justice begins with a free initial consultation. Here, we will thoroughly analyze your situation and formulate a case plan so you can set effective goals and learn what the road ahead will look like. If you’re ready to speak with our trusted Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys and begin building the defense you deserve, we invite you to call us at (310) 443-4119 or contact us online today to book your free case evaluation.


Silva took ahold of my case and another relatives case and worked as hard as should could. I would recommend her to anyone in the need of a lawyer 100%.


stars – I would recommend her to anyone!

First off, understand that Silva is very meticulous and caring. I personally work in a business where I work closely with attorneys and I can genuinely say Silva actually cares for you as a client. She gathers all the details on each case and analyzes the case with a fine tooth comb to compile different strategies to win the case and get you the best offer. That’s exactly what she did for me! In my case, I can say that Silva went through all the details and strategies on how to fight my case and all the possible outcomes. She got me the absolute best possible outcome considering the details and for that I am forever grateful and thankful for her hard work. I didn’t have to do a thing until the offer was presented and through the process of it all she checked on me to see how I was doing With handling the severity of the case. So, when i say she cares for each client genuinely I truly do believe so! With Silva, you honestly can’t go wrong and I’m 100% positive if ever one of my friends were to have any problems I would recommend her. After all, I did refer a family member.

stars – She is the best, hands down!

I showed up to court on 08/08/2011 for a driving whit a suspended License and Mrs. Megerditchian represented me as my public defender at first i did not want to hear about what she had to say because in my past experience’s i felt that the public defender is not really trying to help me out but just trying to lower my charges to get a conviction. I felt that i was not guilty, and as my public defender she did all that the law allowed her to do to help me win, I walked out of court as a winner thanks to Mrs. Megerditchian Thank You so much for caring for the people Thank You.

stars – Mr. Davit Babayan

Ms. Megerditchian represented me on an attempted burglary matter. Other Attorneys had been unsuccessful in defending me. However, once Ms. Megerditchian stepped into the picture, she immediately turned things around and I she was able to negotiate the charge down to an infraction. I highly recommend her–she truly is someone to be kept close to you for protection.

stars – Best Criminal defense ever!

Silva is a fierce advocate and amazing attorney. She is incredibly smart and savvy about the court system. She is a fantastic lawyer for anyone needing help or advice!

stars – Silva cares and will fight for her clients!!

Silva is passionate about her job and gives every client she encounters her undivided attention. She is committed to defending her clients’ rights and not afraid to put in the time, effort and research necessary to advocate on their behalf. Silva is a fighter but also knows when and how to work with opposing counsel to settle a case.

stars – Danielle


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