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SLM Law, APC is a slipe and fall accident law firm serving Los Angeles from our offices in Woodland Hills and Beverly Hills. We have served all courts throughout Southern California for over a decade.

First, call an attorney! Second, it is important to remember that in most cases, a person has only two years to make a claim—that is TWO YEARS from the date of the slip-and-fall.

Things to keep in mind: naturally, not all falls are actionable slip-and-falls. The accident MUST
be caused by the negligence of another.

The premises could be liable if the person knows of/SHOULD have known to take reasonable care about a hazardous condition on the property and fails to repair it, or protect or warn the public of the dangerous condition.

Common and actionable slip-and-falls are seen when there are:

  • Leaks and spills of liquids
  • carpeting issues
  •  Uneven floors
  •  Loose steps
  •  cables and cords that are exposed improperly
  •  Broken railings
  •  Furniture that is damaged or broken
  •  Not having adequate warning signs about known hazards.

To recover damages for a slip-and-fall accident, you must show:

  • The person you are suing owned, leased, or controlled the property;
  • The person was negligent in some manner in maintaining their property;
  • You were harmed, and if not for the persons’ negligence, you would have never been harmed!

You can get compensatory damages for your fall! You could recover medical bills, lost wages
from work, and pain and suffering! In some cases you can even get punitive damages—though
rare, in cases of wrongful death or catastrophic harm, these damages can also be granted! That
is why it is important you talk to an experienced attorney as soon as the fall happens!

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