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We all love our dogs, but sometimes a person’s worst nightmare can come true: You, your child or your dog get seriously injured from a dog who attacks. It is a truly terrifying, painful and traumatic experience.

California law has strict liability dog bite laws.  This makes owners financially responsible for injuries that are caused by vicious dogs. The law is clear—it does not matter whether the owners knew their dogs had ever bitten someone before. According to California Law, the owner is responsible only if the injured person: 1) was bitten and 2) was in a public place or lawfully in a private place when then bite happened (meaning you did not break into the establishment or trespassed).

If you are a dog owner (as am I), you may ask:

How do I know if my dog is dangerous?

A dog is considered potentially dangerous if it has:

  • forced the person to defend themselves from the aggressive behavior;
  • bitten someone without causing severe injury;
  • killed or injured an animal without provocation twice within 3 years.

AND The law considers a dog vicious if:

  • the dog aggressively injured/killed someone without provocation;
  • a Court had determined before that the dog was dangerous and the owner did not meet the legal conditions placed on them.

Dog owners always have defenses if:

  • they can show their property was being trespassed upon;
  • the victim involved was partially at fault (provoked the dog);
  • the victim took a risk they should not have.

Please also be aware: if you own a dog who bit someone and the person is injured, you could be charged criminally. No matter what, call an attorney who can guide you through all the complexities of ever-changing laws!

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