Supporting a family during a legal proceeding isn’t easy. Whether it’s your own family or one you’re close to, criminal charges can take a toll on family units. Recognizing how legal proceedings can impact families is crucial, and having a support system can make the experience more bearable.


How do legal proceedings impact families? 


Before learning how to support a family navigating a legal proceeding, it’s helpful to understand how a legal proceeding may impact them.


The family is likely to experience an emotional toll, with stress, anxiety, and fear being common. Many families facing legal proceedings also experience financial strain. Legal fees, loss of income, and potential job loss can increase their stress.


They may also be feeling the negative impact of social stigma. Judgment and isolation can impact families. 


All these factors are likely to disrupt family dynamics. They may be navigating changes in their relationships, routines, and responsibilities. 


A legal proceeding isn’t a pleasant experience, and understanding the challenges that a family is facing may help you show more support.


How can you support a family during legal procedures? 


One of the best ways to show a family support is by creating a safe space for family members to express their feelings and concerns. They may already be feeling judgment and isolation, and a safe space can give them the opportunity to process what they’re experiencing. 


Counseling, therapy, and support groups can offer an outlet for anyone navigating a stressful time in their life. The family may benefit from guidance on how to find the right type of professional support.


Depending on the situation, some families could benefit from research support. This may involve financial planning or consulting with an attorney on their behalf. It’s important to recognize that this type of support can be sensitive to navigate. Offering assistance with a statement like, “I understand it can be overwhelming to find answers. Please let me know if there’s anything I can research for you that may be helpful,” can be helpful.


How can you support your own family during a legal proceeding? 


Though some of the strategies above can be helpful for your own family, there will be different strategies when it’s your own family. 


If children are involved, one of the best things is to maintain stability for the children by minimizing disruptions and providing reassurance. It’s also helpful to provide age-appropriate information to your children to keep them properly informed on the evolving situation.


As best you can, it’s important to prioritize your self-care and make room for habits and activities that can help you reduce your stress.


Finally—stay informed. Seek professional support and understand the potential outcomes and implications of the legal proceeding. Knowledge is power, and you must stay informed if you want to make empowered decisions.


Whether you’re offering support to a family you know or you’re supporting your own family—stay resilient and seek professional support when you can.


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