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Lori Loughlin’s defense in college admissions scandal case leaks. Will she avoid prison after all?

Yahoo Entertainment reported on January 10, 2020, on the leaking of new details of Lori Loughlin and her husband’s defense in the College Admissions Scandal.

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Silva L. Megerditchian of SLM Law, who is not a part of the defense team or working with Loughlin or Giannulli, was interviewed in regard to the story.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

“The brilliance of the defense,” led by high-profile attorney Sean M. Berkowitz, a former director of the Department of Justice’s Enron Task Force, now of Latham & Watkins, LLP, “is that if you open the door, then it’s not just going to be Singer, it’s going to be the USC admissions policy,” Megerditchian says, referring to the fact that the wealthy have long been making legal financial donations to schools when their offspring is granted admission. “What the defense team is doing here is drawing the parallels. They’re saying, ‘If you’re going to look into my client for writing a check to USC, then you need to look at the big fish here.’ That potential can of worms has huge effects — not just on USC but every private school in the country.”

“Because of that gray area, Loughlin and Giannulli’s attorneys could say of their clients, ‘We didn’t know that making donations to USC and Singer’s charity Key Worldwide Foundation was illegal. We wanted to make charitable donations to USC. We thought [it was legal] because everybody donates to the university — there are halls and whatnot. We had no idea it was wrong,’ Megerditchian speculates.

After all, “A defense is simply a reasonable explanation for what could have occurred,” Megerditchian reminds, “There is no doubt that a huge donation was made, but if this can be seen as a just a simple donation to a university to help them along, then that is a huge defense to both of them.”

And if the fake photos of the Giannulli sisters were never officially submitted to USC, that also bolsters the defense.

“All of a sudden something we thought we knew months ago — the rowing photo — may not be true,” Megerditchian says of getting the first real glimpse of the defense.

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Yahoo Entertainment interviewed criminal defense attorney Silva Megerditchian on December 23, 2019, for their “Year in Review” series. The article is entitled, “Lori Loughlin’s daughters haven’t done her ‘any favors’ amid the college admission scandal, lawyer says.” Megerditchian is able to comment on the college admission scandal and notes how Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have dealt with their cases in very different ways.

“[Huffman] … took responsibility, apologized to the court, apologized to the public, did her time with what I think was no complaints and moved on successfully. Another thing Huffman and her husband did perfectly: They really stay out of the limelight. We did not know exactly what they were doing or not doing. We know that the immediate reaction was privacy, apology and rehabilitation. And they got lots of letters saying: She is not a bad person. She did what she thought was better for her family and she apologized.”

It’s the flip side for Loughlin and her family.

“I don’t think the girls did their parents any favors after the story broke…. We all remember the photo of [Olivia Jade] on the yacht.” Megerditchian is referring Loughlin’s daughter being on a spring break trip aboard a USC official’s luxury boat when the scandal broke.

“Honestly, how does it help their case?” asks Megerditchian.

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“The fact that Huffman got any jail time after her admission of wrongdoing does not bode well for Loughlin…. In Huffman’s case, she was the first high-profile parent to accept a plea and get sentenced. She immediately took responsibility for her actions, and apologized both privately and publicly in court. Yet despite her accepting full responsibility and for all her apologies, she still got jail time.”

Yahoo Entertainment recently quoted Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney, Silva Megerditchian, CEO of SLM Law. In an article entitled, “ ‘Jail time is very likely’: What Felicity Huffman’s prison sentence means for Lori Loughlin,” posted on September 13, 2019, Megerditchian continues, “With Loughlin’s seemingly lack of remorse or taking any responsibility, I’m afraid jail time is very likely — unless she has a real and viable defense to the charges.”

The article goes on to quote Megerditchian:

“But if prison time is what Loughlin fears most, as has been reported, attorney Megerditchian notes the actress might prefer to take the risk and go to trial in hopes she’s found not guilty.

“If she’s innocent, it would not change her strategy to fight,” she says. “However, if she were strongly considering a plea to a lesser charge, that could change with Huffman receiving a jail sentence. Loughlin has to figure that accepting a plea would result in a real prison sentence, so she might as well take this all the way to trial.”

“If Loughlin were to seek a plea deal, Megerditchian points out, ‘it’s never too late to negotiate.’”

“Trials cost money and a lot of time,” she says. “The prosecutors would listen to the defense attorneys’ proposal and counteroffer based on the strength of the government’s case against her.”

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Criminal defense attorney, Silva Megerditchian, CEO of SLM Law, was quoted by USA Today regarding actress Felicity Huffman’s recent prison sentence in the much-publicized college admission scandal.

Los Angeles-based Megerditchian is quoted in their September 16, 2019, article entitled, “How will Felicity Huffman’s 14-day prison sentence affect Lori Loughlin’s case?”

“The judge essentially split the baby in two…. With public anger over the allegations, the considerable amount of media attention and the fact that Ms. Huffman is the first high-profile parent to be sentenced, the judge attempted to satisfy all sides.”

Megerditchian goes on to note that, “Considering all the uncertainty for Ms. Huffman when charges were first brought, she should be able to sleep well tonight.”

With regard to the affect of the Huffman sentence will have on defendent Lori Loughlin’s case, Megerditchian says, “Loughlin may not want to change her plea because she’s actually innocent and could have ‘a real defense to the charges.’

“Second, her defense team may already be negotiating a plea deal and maybe the prosecutors want to give Lori a lot more than just two weeks,” she said. “And it is in Lori’s best interest not to take a deal and risk fighting the charges with trial or continued talks.”

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Criminal defense attorney Silva Megerditchian was quoted on Bravotv.com regarding whether actress Lori Loughlin will go to jail in the recent College Admission scandal.

“I find it highly likely she will do some custody time, especially because everyone who plead thus far—the prosecutor has sought jail time in their sentencing memos to the judge,” [Megerditchian] told Personal Space.

She blames Loughlin for having “arrogance, entitlement, denial, and money.”

“The fact is the federal government wins 97 percent of the cases they bring forward. Maybe they know something nobody else does, maybe the media has it all wrong. But to be convinced she’s getting off scot free seems like a fantasy at best,” she added. “Maybe she truly believes they did nothing wrong. But ignorance unfortunately is not a defense for these charges.”

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