Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, Silva Megerditchian spoke to Yahoo Entertainment on May 21, 2020, in an article titled “Lori Loughlin Could Serve ‘Less Time’ in Prison Due to Coronavirus: ‘That Would Not Surprise Me at All,’ Says Lawyer.” Megerditchian tells Yahoo, “‘In this case, I think the public was shocked about how much time Lori and Mossimo could do — decades in federal prison. This way, the public is satisfied of some ‘reasonable’ prison time being given to the couple, and the government is satisfied they got a guilty plea without a trial.’”

In regards to the possibility of serving less time due to the Coronavirus, Megerditchian states “‘Yes, they could serve less time, but it is impossible to tell at this juncture.’” She goes on to say “‘Plus, let’s not forget we are in the time of COVID-19, so anything is possible. For safety purposes, if there is an outbreak where Lori or her husband is serving, their defense attorneys can always do a motion to the court to have them released early because of the pandemic.’”

“‘The pandemic could have had an impact on their plea in that the government may be more inclined to settle the case for a lesser offer to avoid a trial during these uncertain times,’” Megerditchian states. “‘They might have given an easier plea deal today knowing the process of trial, and getting jurors to appear in court, may not be worth it in the long run. The prosecutor got what they wanted — federal prison time, probation and a hefty fine.  And honestly, the defense got what they wanted — only a few months in federal prison.’”

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