ABC newsrecently reported that ten Harvard bound freshman lost their College Harvard dreams when their acceptances were rescinded because of social media posts.

This case highlights what I tell my clients both young and old alike: watch what you post, because it’s not just your friends who see what you post. The police, government entities, your employers and now College admissions see your posts –and those posts can and will get you in trouble…and have consequences.

In the Harvard case, according to, these ten incoming freshman wrote sexually explicit content, mocked Mexicans, the Holocaust and sexual abuse.

It’s true that free speech is constitutionally protected, but Colleges have the right to have a zero tolerance policy towards explicit content. And it cannot be said enough, everything posted on social media has a way of making its way public…and carries with that severe consequences.

I’ve had clients post details of crimes they have committed; teens charged with disseminating child pornography for reposting nude photos, and probation revoked for young and old alike for posting troubling pictures and/or content.

It is so important to watch what you post and most importantly watch what your teens post, for you never know who is looking and who is monitoring…I can tell you from my cases, the police, the district attorney and their investigators are watching teens posts, and so should you!