It has become increasingly clear that youth violence is a growing problem in our society.

But why? What are the root causes of this kind of violence? Is it simply a matter of people making bad decisions in the heat of the moment, or is there something more at play?

Youth violence is a difficult yet significant issue that must be addressed in order to create safe communities.

The causes of youth violence are complex and many-faceted, however the potential for prevention can only be achieved through an understanding of their root causes.
What Causes Youth Violence?
There is no one single cause of youth violence, but rather a number of contributing factors. These include family environment, peer pressure and media influence.

Let’s take a closer look.

Family Environment – The home environment is often seen as one of the primary influences on young people’s behavior.

Children who experience abuse, neglect, or trauma may be more prone to aggressive behavior, as they have not been given proper guidance and support during their formative years.

Parenting styles can also be important in this regard. Children who have authoritarian parents may feel less able to express their emotions and more likely to resort to physical outbursts when feeling frustrated or angry.

Peer Pressure – can also be a contributing factor in youth violence.

Young people may feel compelled to act violently in order to fit in with their peers, especially if those peers are engaging in such behavior themselves.

This kind of pressure can lead teens and preteens to engage in risky or dangerous behaviors that they would otherwise avoid.

Media Influence – can influence youth violence is media exposure.

Studies have shown that young people who watch violent television shows or movies are more likely to behave aggressively than those who do not view such content.
How Can We Address Youth Violence?

The first step is recognizing that there are multiple causes and that need to be addressed holistically.

That means providing resources such as financial assistance, educational opportunities, mental health services and drug prevention programs for our youth.

It’s crucial that we as a community help to create safe spaces for young people where they can come together, connect with each other and have positive outlets for their emotions and energy.

You see, EVERY young person has the potential to grow up to lead a meaningful and successful life, they just need a fighting chance.

Having access to creative activities, supportive programs such as personal growth, self-love, commitment to oneself and others as well as modeling positive behavior by adult role models will help them develop their personal power which is beneficial for leading peaceful lives with sound judgment.

If parents see warning signs of displaced aggression or sadness, the vital first step is to review their social media and find a therapist or psychologist; a professional who may be able to offer tools to use to deal with what they are going through.

Youth violence is an issue that needs urgent attention if we want to ensure a safer future for our communities.

We must recognize the root causes of this issue and work together towards providing resources that will help vulnerable populations thrive instead of resorting to violent behavior as an outlet for their frustrations or pain.

By coming together now we can make sure our future generations have brighter prospects ahead of them!

Note: This is for educational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice.